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【2019 to block chain block chain trade finance platform】Security of Blockchain Wallets

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Security of Blockchain Wallets

If you're using a Blockchain wallet to manage your cryptocurrency, you need to take some basic steps to ensure its security. For example, you need to keep your public key secure. There are also ways to protect your private key. For example, you should backup your wallet's data to prevent data loss.

Public key

The public key of a blockchain wallet is like a mail address. Anyone in the network can look up the public address and send cryptocurrency to it. The private key is only known by the person who has the private key.

Keeping it backed up

One of the most important factors for keeping your blockchain wallet secure is to ensure that it is backed up. There are many different ways to do this. One method is by using a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are those that do not need to be connected to a computer to back up your wallet. Other methods include using a software wallet that uses a microSD card.

Supply chain attacks

One of the most dangerous types of supply chain attacks is the so-called "NotPetya" attack. This ransomware targeted Ukrainian accounting software and infrastructure,blockchain financial training experience , then spread to several other countries, causing an estimated $10 billion in damage and disrupting operations for large multinationals. Hackers find supply chain attacks extremely appealing because if they can compromise a piece of software, they can easily gain access to the networks of every other enterprise using that software. As a result, companies that produce the software are a potential target, as well as nation-state actors, who have the resources and expertise to penetrate even the most security-conscious firms.

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets for security of blockchain wallets are designed to keep a user's private keys secure. While hardware wallets may appear to be more secure than their software counterparts, they are not foolproof. Without proper setup, even the most secure wallets can be compromised. As a result, users must be vigilant and use proper precautions. For instance, users should avoid buying second-hand hardware, since these can be easily compromised. They should also never disclose their crypto private keys or hardware wallet PIN to anyone.

Mobile wallets

Mobile blockchain wallets are a great way to safely store crypto in your mobile device. There are several types of mobile wallets available,regular chain what mining platform , and some even have biometric scanning capabilities. It is important to use a secure password, however, and make sure that the mobile wallet you choose has two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication requires a user to input their password in a second application.

Paper-based wallets

Paper-based wallets, as the name suggests, store funds in a paper form. However, a paper wallet doesn't necessarily store all of the funds in one location. Rather, it divides the seed phrase into two or more parts and keeps each in different locations. This makes it more difficult to lose funds if one device is stolen or the wallet is lost.